Wagner Solar and INO SOLAR accomplish installation of 25 x 1 MWp PV project in Islahiye/Turkey

Cölbe, 02.11.2017

German Wagner Solar and Turkish cooperation partner INO SOLAR announce the finalisation and commissioning of 25 x 1 MWp ground mounted PV systems



NEW - TRIC telescopic end clamp – for an optically pleasing finish of module fields.

Cölbe/Munich, June 19, 2013-06-24

The successful TRIC range of solar mounting racks from Wagner & Co is durable, easy to install and features clever details. For the first time at the Intersolar 2013 the telescopic TRIC end clamp was introduced. It allows completing module fields with a pleasing finish without protruding rails.


Wagner & Co at the Energy Europe in Copenhagen: Moderate Optimism in a Mature Market

Wagner booth at the Energy Europe fair in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen/Cölbe, June 2013

Together with three main partner companies Wagner & Co Solar Technology exhibited at the newly established "Energy Europe" trade fair in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2013. Denmark is a mature renewable energies market with a favorable political framework - the country is one of the first industrialized nations aiming at 100% renewable energy supply. Wagner booth at the Energy Europe fair in Copenhagen


Solar Park in Heuchelheim Goes Online With 1.8 Megawatt

As of May 2013, the 7400 PV modules of the Dreimärker solar park in Heuchelheim, Hesse/Germany, deliver 1.8 Megawatt of solar power to the public grid.

Cöbe, April 29, 2013

In February 2013 the foundations for the Dreimärker Solar Park were laid, and in late April the facility began to feed power to the grid. Planning, project design and turnkey implementation of the system were carried out by the Hessian solar specialists from Wagner & Co Solar Technology.


Wagner Solar Inc. Pioneers First Solar Thermal Appliance to U.S. Marketplace — SECUSOL


Boston, Mass./March 2013


TRIC Mounting Systems – Fast, Flexible, and Simple: Novelties at the EU PVSEC 2012

With their patented design the TRIC clip panel fasteners save precious installation time while increasing reliability and safety.

Cölbe, September 2012.

Wagner & Co and the solar system house Frankensolar jointly present the novelties surrounding the successful TRIC mounting system at the PVSEC 2012 in Frankfurt. From 2012 on TRIC box and TRIC clip panel fasteners complement the growing portfolio of TRIC mounting systems.


Wagner & Co and Bin Moosa & Daly: A New Partnership in the United Arab Emirates Is Spreading its Wings

A new partnership is spreading its wings.

Cölbe, June 2012

The word goes that change is the only constant in life, and so times are also changing in the United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s leading oil producers. The Emirates are blessed with riches, especially with energy, partly from below, but much more even from above. For a Desert country drenched in sunlight solar energy always is a logical choice, which also sinks into more and more potential customers within the UAE.


TRIC F box – quick, easy, flexible

The new TIC F box racking system suits all common industrial flat roofs and optimally utilizes the roof area.


Mounting system for all common industrial flat roofs - with up to 95% roof area utilization.


More Power for Thermosiphon Systems

TZSB-Test site, Institute of Future Energies, Saarbrücken/Ger: stress test for Thermosiphon installations.


Thermosiphon solar water heating installations have been in use for more than a century. Nowadays they gobally form the largest market segment among solar thermal systems. Here the sensible question arises whether performance improvements are technically feasible – or even necessary.


High-Performing Solar Thermal Systems receive OG-300 Certification

Sample layout for BASICline system with 2 collectors. The system can be equipped with more collectors for space heating support.

Boston, MA, June 15 2012

Wagner Solar Inc. successfully received OG-300 System certification from the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) for 5 new residential system packages with either 80 gal or 105 gal solar storage tanks.


Wagner Solar appoints new US Sales Manager

Frank Proske, Wagner Solar Sales Manager in the Mid-Atlantic states

Boston, May 21, 2012

Wagner Solar, the US branch of German solar power and solar heating supplier, system integrator and manufacturer Wagner & Co Solar Technology; appoints Frank Proske as Regional Sales Manager in the Mid-Atlantic states. Proske will be responsible for sales and product support and for developing key national accounts.


Wagner Solar appoints new Technical Manager



Wagner & Co Supplies Solar Know How to Brewery in Uganda



Wagner & Co stepped up its activities in Belgium



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