EURO L20 AR – Solar Collector

The collector EURO L20 AR incorporates all tried and tested components of its predecessor, the EURO C 20 AR, with many further improved and optimized details

Cölbe, 2009.
Test-Winning Power with LASER-Heart

By now Wagner & Co has been developing solar collectors for 30 years, and the company history has always been characterized by continuous innovation and technological improvement. The EURO C20 AR collector – to date the top of the line product of the Wagner & Co collector family – had opened new power dimensions and became an unmatched market success. In the meantime the technological advancement moved on, and even the leader of the pack was improved even further. The new pace setter among the Wagner & Co collectors is called EURO L20 AR. The „L“ signifies the newly developed LASER welded Aluminium absorber. With its two additional pipe registers and reduced pressure loss the possible applications of the L20 AR are expanded in comparison to the C20 AR. Now it is possible, for example, to generally connect up to 5 collectors in series, easing planning and installation of larger installations. It also was possible to increase the absorber efficiency once again and thanks to the high-tech LASER welding the collector features an absorber with smooth appearance without welding stripes.

Shortly after its debut, the new top-collector already prove its power: it is a major component of the COMBIline SH 1440 AR AD solar hot water and heating support system from Wagner & Co, once again coming out as test winner in the latest comparative test of solar installations of the German consumer testing agency „Stiftung Warentest“ (Magazine TEST, vol. 03/2009).

Many of the tried and tested technologies and components of the C20 AR of course find their continuation in the new L20 AR. Among them are the safe and installation friendly flat sealing connections. The high quality seamless side insulation as well as the 60 mm backside insulation also remain unchanged. The design of the collector casing was enhanced and it is equipped with EPDM seals with vulcanized corner joints of practically infinite durability and weather resistance. The collector’s new, slightly rounded design is a pleasant accent on every roof.

Among the novelties is the newly developed anti-reflection glass of the L20 AR. Like before, the new variation also features imprinted nano-structures on the glass surface, resulting in the so-called „moth-eye“ effect. It increases the total collector yield by approx. 6 to 10%. In addition, the integrated micro-prisms create a premium sandy look.

Like its forbearers, the L20 AR collector is solidly rooted in state of the art engineering and reaching for the stars.

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