German solar company Wagner & Co starts joint venture in UK


Carsten Pump, Managing Director Wagner Solar UK

Cölbe, 26. October 2010. German solar pioneer Wagner & Co has joined forces with one of the leading suppliers of photovoltaic equipment in southern England, AC Solartechnic Ltd.

The new joint venture, “Wagner Solar UK”, will do business beginning in November from AC Solartechnic´s present site in Sidlesham, near Chichester, West Sussex. The premises provide enough space for the anticipated business expansion. AC Solartechnic founders Carsten Pump and Mark Osborne will be managing and finance directors of the new company. They are joined on the board by Alexander Storek, sales manager from Wagner, Germany.

“The formation of Wagner Solar UK is an important move both for AC Solartechnic and for Wagner & Co”, says Andreas Wagner, co-founder of Wagner & Co “The UK is a key market which continues to expand rapidly, and it would very much appear that the new government is set to maintain the right environment for further expansion. Wagner Solar is here for the long term, and we shall use our resources to the full to serve our UK customers both now and in the future.”

Prime position for customers

In addition, Wagner has pledged support to continue the development initiated by AC Solartechnic to supply off-grid power boxes for use in remote areas and disaster zones. AC Solartechnic participated earlier this year in a government trade mission to western Africa and is promoting off-grid supply overseas.

“There is no doubt that Wagner Solar UK is in a prime position to give all of our support to our customers, both new and old”, says managing director Carsten Pump. “Currently, there is a world-wide under-supply of photovoltaic equipment, but thanks to the long-term experience and the long-lasting contacts of Wagner & Co, the new joint venture will have privileged access to some of the world´s greatest manufacturers.”

The new joint venture already has a market share of approx. 12% of all photovoltaic systems installed in the UK in 2010, with significant potential for further growth. Making high quality solar technology available to everyone always has been the stated goal of the Wagner Solar group.

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