German solar pioneer Wagner Solar Inc. targets North America with award-winning products

Jörg Gäbler

Joerg Gaebler, CEO of the US subsidy Wagner Solar Inc.

(Cambridge, MA, August 24, 2010) Did you know you could use solar energy in Alaska? Wagner & Co, a German manufacturer of multi award-winning, high quality and efficient thermal collectors, takes the first steps into the North American market. The US subsidiary, Wagner Solar Inc’s introduced the first US solar thermal collector of the EURO collector line and was rated among the top 5 performers of almost 300 tested flat plate collectors. The tested collector EURO C20 AR-M features an innovative anti-reflection glass with etched-in nano surface as well as ultrasonic welded copper absorber with highly selective vacuum coating. The collector is certified to meet OG 100 standard by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), a Florida-based non-profit organization. Upon receiving the SRCC certificate and the excellent performance ratings, Wagner has already signed into an agreement with a Florida based solar company to become an OEM supplier.

“Europe´s most powerful collector”

EURO-Kollektor “Europe´s most powerful collector”

For many years, the almost identical EURO C20 collector from Wagner & Co had carried the label “Europe’s most powerful collector”. These collectors were specifically designed for high performance under adverse conditions at high latitudes, and many of the earlier solar thermal systems produced by Wagner & Co are successfully operating for a quarter century. Solar energy installations from Wagner & Co can be found as far north as Scotland and Scandinavia – locations comparable to southern Alaska!

After 30 years of successful growth and expansion throughout Europe, the first step in North America was taken in spring 2010: German solar pioneer Wagner & Co established its US subsidiary Wagner Solar Inc. in Massachusetts. “We are confident to have an edge in the market”, says Joerg Gaebler, a renown German-American energy expert and CEO of the Company’s US branch. “Wagner & Co is an award winning one stop provider of solar energy solutions, and the new US branch will benefit from more than 30 years of solar engineering experience, providing quality, durability and peak performance to its North American customers.”

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