New Survey Determines Popularity of Racking System Manufacturers

TRIC: Exciting perfection

TRIC: Exciting perfection

The choice of solar racking systems is of pivotal importance. After all the solar panels or collectors have to remain safely connected to the roof structure for many years – if not decades. Weather related damages or other structural and mechanical failures can quickly compromise the economic balance of a solar installation. Only high quality material and well thought out components assure long term durability under every weather condition and on all roofs.

Current and future operators of solar installations as well as solar installers were invited to participate in the survey. The study was conducted using standard survey analysis and filtering methodologies, and 78 manufacturers from the immensely diverse market of racking system manufacturers were identified.

The TRIC  System was mainly favored for its installation comfort and almost limitless flexibility. This encouraging result is a motivation for the entire team to further optimize and develop new TRIC  solutions with perfectly balanced components.

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