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RATIOcompact: the complete solution for solar heating

Cölbe, June 2011.
RATIOcompact: the complete solution for solar heating in single family homes 

During the last years the market for domestic solar thermal solutions has shown a trend towards systems with space heating support and direct flow freshwater units. At the same time the degree of pre-assembly and the compact integration of individual components allow for a space saving design. The new solar compact system RATIOcompact 700 takes up these technological trends and combines them in an installation with flexible  positioning and setup options featuring a premium design.The 700 l buffer storage with its closely fitted combined manifold and control unit even finds enough space in small plant rooms. Alternatively a wall mount variant is available. The hydronic unit includes a solar transfer station, a freshwater unit and the connections between solar storage tank and heating circuit. The system allows the freedom to either efficiently feed solar energy into the heating circuit by means of a return flow boost, or to operate a buffer system. In the second case the storage is integrated like a hydraulic switch. The heating circuit pump then is already integrated, and boiler clocking is significantly reduced.

The solar transfer station is equipped with a high efficiency pump, and a plate heat exchanger takes care of the demand driven direct flow DHW preparation. Flow rates of up to 20l can be achieved.

On the roof four EURO L20 AR flat plate collectors catch ample sun rays. They exhibit yield increasing anti-reflection glass and a total area of 10.4 m2.

The RATIOcompact control center is embodied by a comfortable SUNGO solar controller. Its easy to understand display pictograms allow for a quick overview of various parameters, such as temperature, balance values and system status. Safety functions like storage cooling and system protection guarantee a faultless operation of the plant.

Operational simplicity and the high degree of pre-assembly reduce possible error sources and enable a quick and economical installation. RATIOcompact can be universally combined with various heat generators, such gas boilers, oil heaters or wood pellet boilers.

Elaborate control technology and intelligent piping help to utilize the energy of the sun as efficiently as possible.

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