The Sun Shines Everywhere

The SECUTERM–system, especially developed for the international market

Cölbe, June 2011.
Wagner & Co in Europe and the Greater World

Around the world solar energy is one of the most important energy sources of the future. Originally founded by a small group of idealistic university students, over the last 30 years, Wagner & Co Solar Technology evolved from an innovative startup company into an internationally present self governed corporation with approx. 400 employees, democratic decision structures and branches throughout the European Union and beyond. 

The sun shines everywhere, rendering solar technology a true global challenge. Based upon more than a quarter century of engineering experience and the construction of many award-winning solar energy systems, Wagner & Co began to develop products and technical solutions specifically suited for international demands and requirements. Among those are planning and commissioning of projects for solar electricity and water supply in Africa and Asia as well as large scale projects for the complete hot water supply of hotel and vacation complexes in Southern Europe.

The near fail-proof and easy to install SECUSOL and SECUTERM product lines were developed specifically geared to the requirements of the Mediterranean region – but also the sub-tropics and tropics further south.
The SECUSOL Drainback System is a pre-assembled compact kit featuring top of the line collectors. Solar pump and controller are integrated in the modern vertical storage cylinder and many typical components – like expansion vessels – are obsolete. It allows for the complete hot water supply in all climatic zones, especially southern countries with high irradiation. The award-winning operational principle together with the utilized heat carrier rule out the risk of overheating or frost damage, thus considerably extending the life-time of the system.

But it gets even simpler when looking at the Thermosiphon Systems of the SECUTERM line. In this case the hot water storage is mounted on the roof or free standing rack together with the high-performance collectors that were developed specifically for this product. SECUTERM also features innovative overheat protection, and the basic version (without auxiliary heating) is fully operational without electric connection: the operational principle is based upon clever utilization of physical principles, driven by the sun.

For both product lines the risk of installation errors was strongly reduced thanks to simplification, far reaching pre-assembly and comprehensive manuals. Because of their reliability and wide range of application the economical SECUSOL and SECUTERM already operate successfully from the Scottish Highlands to the African Tropics.

SECUSOL and SECUTERM: two examples of Wagner & Co prime products developed for the international market – and there are more to come.

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