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Cölbe, Januar 2011.
Wagner & Co and partner Frankensolar make the successful TRIC racking series into a brand in its own right

Wagner & Co has for years consistently progressed its TRIC racking systems. This has been so successful that their marketing partner, Nuremberg-based Frankensolar, an international photovoltaic wholesaler and system vendor of grid connected solar energy systems was taken on board last year to grow the TRIC brand’s market position.

Wagner & Co’s chief racking systems designer, Udo Geisel, notes: “We caught the trend early on and did a lot of research and development on the TRIC racking systems. The many pre-assembled components are the stand-out feature of TRIC racks. It made them especially easy to install from the outset and we’ve kept on progressing them.”

There are now TRIC variants for all applications – free standing, greenfield, standard on-roof or industrial roof. In the TRIC FL, TRIC F, TRIC A and TRIC F pro range there’s an ideal system for any application. Detail perfection in components such as TRICclip completes the systems.

TRIC A – the on-roof system is installable universally and ensures rational and secure mounting.
TRIC F – the free standing system is state-of-the-art innovation. It can be installed on almost all flat and sloping surfaces, is optimally stabilized and very easy to handle through its collapsible elements.
TRIC FL – a system with ramming elements as ground anchors specifically made for installation at greenfield locations. Wagner & Co experts structural design optimization of the system at the installation location free of charge. Optionally Wagner & Co also offers turnkey delivery of projects.

TRIC F pro – the racking system for industrial roofs. Its standout features are its greatly reduced weight and the stable module linkage that does not have to be fixed to the roof.

System details are also continuously improved, for example the TRICclip (nominated for the Intersolar AWARD 2010) for increasing the security of linkages with hammerhead bolts. 

Security is the highest priority in TRIC racking systems, all tested and certified by TÜV, the internationally operating German Technical Inspection Association.

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