TRIC F pro – new PV Racking System for Industrial Roofs

TRIC F pro - wind-tunnel tested and aerodynamically optimized

Cölbe, May 2010.
By introducing the new TRIC F pro, Wagner & Co makes available a new lightweight roof ballast racking system for flat roofs – wind-tunnel tested and aerodynamically optimized. It was specifically engineered for industrial roofs and stands out with its simple, compact setup and low structural load. By integrating the modules themselves as active structural components of the racks, it was possible to save material and reduce weight as well as installation time. The modules are directly fixed to ground- and supporting rails and then equipped with a backside cladding. This construction does not only avoid back pressure below the installation, it also decreases wind induced suction forces, which in turn results in decreased structural load. Another advantage: the ground rails are not fixed directly to the roof construction but simply laid out on strips of protective underlay, to assure uniform pressure distribution.

Fixing the modules on the ground rails and screwing the backside cladding to each other results in a structurally rigid module compound.

The fixed pitch of the modules is 25°, and the readily installed system has a total height of only 500 mm, assuring safe snow load capacities. The system is suitable for all roofs up to a maximum pitch of 6°. Concrete slabs that are simply placed in the backside cladding provide the required ballast. Additional slabs are placed on the ground rails in the edge zones of the module rows. Edge zones generally are defined as the frontal and rear rows as well as the first three module rows on either side (left and right).


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