Wagner Academy opens its doors to train UK installers

London, 19 April 2011, Wagner Solar UK Ltd announces the launch of the Wagner Academy training programme for UK installers.

The Academy will be run by expert instructors who will provide product training directly to PV and solar thermal installers to promote a better understanding of the latest products and installation techniques. Wagner Solar UK is committed to quality and knowledge transfer, so the Academy will also feature product training delivered directly by solar manufacturers.

The first event takes place on 13th May and will feature the new mounting kits from Wagner & Co as well as PV inverter training from inverter manufacturer Fronius. In the future, events are also planned to cover solar thermal space heating technology.

Wagner Solar UK managing director Carsten Pump commented, “As the UK market continues to expand and MCS registered installer numbers grow on a weekly basis, we want to play our role in creating a strong reputation for the solar industry. Everybody knows that knowledge is power so by sharing knowledge of the newest products and systems available, installers working with Wagner Solar UK, have the peace of mind from installing the right systems with the right equipment.”

Wagner & Co Mounting:
Designed and developed by Wagner & Co, the parent company of Wagner Solar UK Ltd, these mounting kits are suitable for nearly all types of roofs in the UK. Manufactured in Germany, they are engineered with the precision and built with the strength one would expect from products made there. Safety is of paramount importance, especially in adverse conditions such as strong wind, heavy snow and lightning. All of the Wagner Solar mounting systems have been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and are TÜV-certified.

Fronius Inverters:
Manufactured in Austria by Fronius International, the efficient, reliable and high yield inverters make Fronius UK Ltd one of the leading suppliers in the field of solar electronics. Through constant R&D, Fronius has created highly functional mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules. With a range of inverters, from the 1.5 KW Fronius IG 15 to the 60KW Fronius CL 60, every size array can be accommodated. Fronius is also the first leading inverter manufacturer to have G59/2 certification for its products.

Installers wishing to join the Wagner Academy can contact Wagner Solar UK by calling 01243 649 035 or emailing info@wagner-solaruk.com

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