Wagner & Co and Bin Moosa & Daly: A New Partnership in the United Arab Emirates Is Spreading its Wings

The word goes that change is the only constant in life, and so times are also changing in the United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s leading oil producers. The Emirates are blessed with riches, especially with energy, partly from below, but much more even from above. For a Desert country drenched in sunlight solar energy always is a logical choice, which also sinks into more and more potential customers within the UAE.

A new partnership is spreading its wings.

A new partnership is spreading its wings.

Cölbe, June 2012

Wagner & Co joined forces with Bin Moosa & Daly, a company that focuses on one of the not so abundant resources in the region: Water. Bin Moosa & Daly, an established specialist for all aspects concerning water supply and treatment, was founded in 1967 as one of the first trading companies in the country. In 2011 a sales agreement was signed between Wagner & Co and Bin Moosa & Daly, and especially the highly efficient SECUterm thermosiphon hot-water system that was especially developed for tropical and subtropical regions, integrates well with the high quality of the Moosa-Daly product portfolio. And as the Abu Dhabi based company with branches in Dubai, Al-Ain, Qatar and Oman clear-sightedly states „In the Gulf Region solar energy is one of the most important energy sources for the future.“ As Andreas Krenz, operations manager at Bin Moosa & Daly, assesses: „There is a huge potential for Solar Thermal Energy in the UAE and for Bin Moosa & Daly“. Already now the SECUterm system is selling in impressive numbers, and further product introductions and co-operations are planned.

After returning from a recent visit with Bin Moosa & Daly, Alex Storek, Sales Manager New Markets with Wagner & Co, remarked: „I was very impressed by the dedication and motivation the staff at Bin Moosa & Daly has shown during product training and solar thermal design lessons.“

Bin Moosa & Daly is excellently positioned to serve the Arabian Gulf Region with solar technology through their sales and service branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Ain & Doha Mr. Storek reckons: „I am convinced that the co-operation of Wagner and Bin Moosa & Daly will be a highly successful one.“

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