Wagner & Co. Solar-Italia S.r.l.: Strong Position in the Italian Solar Market

The italian Team in Pizzighettone

Cölbe, Germany / Pizzighettone, Italy, June 2011.
Established in 2009, the Italian branch of Wagner & Co Solartechnik became a household name in the country’s solar market.

In addition to the Spanish subsidy in Madrid, the Italian subsidy Wagner & Co. Solar-Italia S.r.l. became the 2nd foothold of the German solar pioneers in Southern Europe. After several years of local presence, the company was able to secure a strong position in the Italian solar thermal market. “Because of government subsidies and the favorable position of Wagner & Co. Solar-Italia S.r.l., we also expect a positive and strong development of the company in the rising Italian photovoltaic market. The conditions are ideal to utilize our experience in the field of large scale installations”, states Marco Mastroianni, technical director for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems of Wagner & Co. Solar-Italia S.r.l.

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