Wagner Solar Inc. Pioneers First Solar Thermal Appliance to U.S. Marketplace — SECUSOL



Boston, Mass./March 2013

Wagner Solar Inc.; the US subsidiary of Wagner & Co, a pioneer in solar thermal technology for over 34 years, is introducing a new line of high performing solar domestic hot water appliances to tackle the nine million unit hot water heater market.
Backed by an electrical heating element (4.5 kWel), the SECUSOL thermal appliances can be used to immediately retrofit existing DHW heaters. Installation time for a typical SECUSOL including collector mounting is cut to 4-6 hours. Within 2 years, SECUSOL has captured a market share in Massachusetts of 37% and is the lowest end-user priced solar thermal system in the Commonwealth.
The simplicity rests in the design. SECUSOL is a non-pressurized hybrid drain-back appliance. The patented drain-back design allows for the solar loop fluid to drain directly back into the heat exchange coil thus eliminating the need for a complex separate drain-back tank to be installed. The appliance’s pump is directly mounted to the bottom of the heat exchanger complete with safety group and shutoff/fill valves. The unique pump integration means that a traditional pump station does not need to be installed. Wagner Solar even pre-programs and pre-wires the solar controller for faster installation times. Since SECUSOL has a fixed solar fluid volume in a non-pressurized loop, commissioning the system can be done in as little as fifteen minutes with a simple gravity siphon.
The biggest advantage of installing SECUSOL is the total installation time. SECUSOL’s design allows for a one day installation with no pressure testing, flow-rate adjustments, soldering, pump station or expansion tank installation. The result— a 50% decrease in installation time and labor for drastically lower costs to homeowners. SECUSOL comes equipped with the EURO C20 AR-M collector(s), one of the highest performing collectors in the US, and available with a 66 gallon or 92 gallon SECUSOL storage tank.        
SECUSOL is sold direct through a installer network.
Installer training is required under the Wagner Academy or Wagner Academy Online to become a SECUSOL installer.34 years of experience pay off
Wagner & Co Solar Technology has gained technology leadership with ready-to-market solar thermal packages and received numerous awards and is well known for its EURO solar thermal collector line. It’s among Europe’s most efficient flat plate collectors. The EURO collector line is one of the best performing solar collectors on the North American market.
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